An Extensible
Analytics Platform For Asset Evaluation

Enertel's QuantumCast platform extends TIBCO Spotfire with automated well forecasting, robust type curve workflows, valuation models, and more to realize immediate value by leveraging your existing subscriptions.

Automated Forecasts

Next generation automated forecast engine with unparalleled accuracy. Manually adjust fits with engineering expertise

Type Curves

Probabilistic type curve workflows that facilitate streamlined workflows backed by SPEE guidelines - integrated into batch DCA


Compute asset-level economics at any granularity to elevate your models beyond the capability of a spreadsheet

Well Planning

Comprehensive drilling plans, coupled with automated inventory calculations to model any development scenario

Geospatial Analytics

Identify basin sweetspots, map breakeven pricing, and employ rigorous statistical analysis against a variety of variables easily

Well Spacing

Computation of pairwise well spacing across an entire basin instantly, combined with automated lateral shapefiles and gunbarrel plots



Leverage QuantumCast's automated forecast engine to rapidly decline thousands of wells in seconds, utilizing AI to identify flow regime changes and field interventions to apply multi-segmented declines. Create probabilistic type curves to easily impute early-time well performance and ascribe value to undeveloped acreage.


Well Economics & Development planning

Compute single well economics with detailed cost models and simultaneously run dozens of scenarios for computing robust sensitivity analysis. Integrate probabilistic type curves with granular drill and completion scheduling to construct field development scenarios dynamically.



Leverage the speed of QuantumCast's spacing engine to calculate pairwise well spacing across basins in seconds and integrate into gunbarrel plots for insights into infill drilling on well performance. Automated lateral drawing removes the need to integrate cumbersome survey data



Aggregate single-well forecasts into PDP forecasts, quickly sensitize against a variety of pricing scenarios utilizing Enertel's expansive pricing data, and layer multiple forecasts and PUD development scenarios into combined pro-forma forecasts