Powerful Analytics & Intelligence Solutions for Oil & Gas 

Combining US Intelligence practices and advanced data analytics to empower decision-makers and investors

Evolutionary oil & gas analytics and intelligence

Enertel is a data & analytics firm focused on providing unparalleled data-driven analysis and intelligence-driven decision making for the oil & gas industry and its investors.

Our analysis combines data science and targeted human intelligence to enable companies to gain actionable insights and visibility in the markets in which they operate, enabling them to deploy capital with more confidence.

At its core, Enertel provides tailored data & intelligence services driving client strategies and more confident decision making.

More Data ≠ Insight

Data, like oil, is a raw material that requires thoughtful extraction and refinement before its true value is realized. Enertel provides single-source extraction & analysis, enabling clients to convert data into critical decision-making

Unrivaled methodology–differentiated results

Enertel goes beyond the current norm of providing clients with general industry knowledge or commoditized information, and instead delivers truly actionable, tailored intelligence that drives better decision-making processes.

Human Intelligence

When data is missing or is otherwise of poor quality, Enertel uses human intelligence to provide additional insights where appropriate.

Statistical Inference

Enertel employs statistical rigor and probabilistic methods in its process, providing clients with an unbiased and objective view of the oil & gas landscape.

Machine Learning

Machine learning models are deployed to both help clean data irregularities, as well assist in our analysis through classification and regression.

Actionable Insights

The combination of these elements leads to actionable insights, helping clients make critical decisions at the pace at which their businesses operate.

Why we're different

Enertel is the only firm that combines data science, investing and operations expertise, and US Intelligence collection practices to drive decision-making.

We believe providing actionable insight is not just about having the right technology. Quality analysis is truly enabled by knowing how to set up intelligence collection, what data to analyze, and understanding each individual clients’ needs and strategies.

Enertel’s engagements are bespoke to each client’s particular requirements. Enertel’s key value proposition is providing a full-cycle intelligence process that delivers unparalleled transparency for more confident decision-making.

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