REDEFINING Energy intelligence

Powerful data analytics & intelligence solutions for oil & gas

Combining advanced analytics and US Intelligence best practices to empower decision-makers and investors in oil & gas

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what we Do

Enertel is a data & analytics firm that provides clients with unparalleled data-driven intelligence through software solutions, alternative datasets, and strategic advisory.

Analytics Software

Quantum: Quantitative Oil & Gas Modeling, is Enertel's advanced production and economic forecasting software, leveraging the power of leading business intelligence tools to unearth value opportunities and increase efficiency by tenfold. Find out more here.

Data Solutions

Enertel provides tailored alternative datasets for the oil and gas industry and its investors. We're data alchemists and can help generate actionable insights and provide proper architecture for everything from your internal spreadsheets to public oil and gas data. Contact us to learn more.

Strategic Advisory

Sometimes all you need is an answer, which is why clients trust Enertel with assisting on A&D, bankruptcy evaluation, risk management, and other technology-enabled consulting. Whether it's an asset evaluation or bespoke technology buildout, Enertel is equipped to provide impactful solutions.


Enertel was founded by oil and gas industry veterans and former CIA clandestine officers with the mission of blending oil & gas analytics with US Intelligence best practices.