Smarter, faster insights to plan your next move

Industry-leading oil & gas engineering workflows coupled with advanced financial modeling to efficiently screen, evaluate, and model any upstream asset in minutes. Quantum is the only oil & gas software solution that enables full production and economic evaluation from a single well to an entire basin.


Quantum delivers more than just type curves, enabling users to model production and full-stream economics for any asset and generate actionable insights with 10x efficiency.

Data Agnostic Integrations

Quantum integrates easily with any of the major public data providers, or your own proprietary data, to seamlessly blend and analyze any data set.

Amplified Efficiency

Stop reinventing the wheel for each analysis and utilize Quantum to streamline and speedup tedious workflows by 10x with presentation-ready outputs.

Leverage Machine Learning

Harness cutting-edge AI and machine learning methods that amplify your analytical capabilities and geospatial insights - without the black box.

Advanced Decline Curve Analysis

From industry-leading standardization methods to gross / net production modeling - Quantum handles it all utilizing several leading DCA methods

PDP & PUD Modeling

Quickly compute and aggregate various production forecasts from single well declines to full basin PDP rollups, allowing easy pro-forma A&D modeling.

Robust Asset Economics

Model advanced economics for a variety of scenarios, with one-click rollup from single-well to full field development modeling.

Rigorous engineering,
detailed economics

Not just another type curve tool

Multi-stream production forecasting & economic modeling performed at the speed of thought. Streamline traditional, time consuming engineering and financial workflows with a modern platform purpose built to work with your data.

Supercharge your
analytics capabilities

raising the bar on data-driven insights

Instead of spending hours in spreadsheets, Quantum enables you to investigate the driving factors behind operator performance in minutes. Compute basin-level, pairwise well spacing and interrogate its impact on production forecasts across vintages in seconds.

Unparalleled competitive
surveillance capability

technology-enabled insights, instantly

Empower your team with advanced analytics to quickly benchmark the competitive landscape and identify new opportunities. By utilizing Quantum's trusted analytics tools, analysts and engineers can unearth trends and identify where to best deploy capital effectively.

Who Uses Quantum?


Upstream, midstream, minerals, and oilfield service firms utilize Quantum to gain a competitive edge and augment decision-making around capital deployment in their respective competitive environments. Distill robust engineering and financial modeling workflows into repeatable, unbiased processes in minutes, enabling engineers to focus on more.


The brightest minds in finance trust Quantum to help them screen and evaluate trading opportunities with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. Evaluate management team disclosures and track rate of change amongst different operators and basins with unmatched speed, while utilizing data science methods typically only leveraged by quants to generate alpha.


Whether evaluating management team strategies, benchmarking portfolio companies, or performing asset valuations and RBL re-determinations, lending institutions leverage Quantum's tools to work more effectively than their competition. Churn through your deal flow and portfolio analysis with 10x the efficiency and ensure only the most promising opportunities progress through your pipeline.